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Head Office: Po Box 7178 Norwest Business Park 2153.

Perth Office: Level 25, 108 St Georges Terrace, Perth WA 6000

QLD Office: 57 Brisbane Road, EBBW Vale 4304

Melbourne Office: 141 Cardigan St, Melbourne VIC 3053

Street Furniture & Fitness

Elevate your outdoor spaces with our premium fitness equipment. As a leading supplier, we provide durable and innovative solutions for your fitness needs. Transform parks, gyms, and public areas into vibrant hubs of activity. Invest in quality outdoor fitness equipment that inspires a healthier community lifestyle.

Energise your lifestyle

Revitalise your surroundings.

Our vision is for everyone to have equal access to health and fitness opportunities. Auscore Fitness equipment is designed with a focus on inclusion, to engage kids and adults of varying physical abilities in a wide range of physical activities.

Unleash Strength in the Open Air.

Outdoor Fitness

Auscore is a leading outdoor fitness equipment supplier committed to promoting inclusivity in health and fitness. Their vision is to provide equal access to fitness opportunities for everyone. With a focus on inclusion, Auscore designs equipment that engages individuals of diverse physical abilities in a range of outdoor activities.

Elevate, Innovate, and Thrive

Our services

Street Furniture

Enhance urban spaces with our stylish and functional street furniture. From benches to bike racks, our designs prioritise both aesthetics and utility, creating inviting environments for communities to enjoy.

All Ability Series Fun Park

Explore limitless fun at All Ability Series Fun Park! Our inclusive park features exciting activities for all abilities, ensuring everyone can enjoy a day filled with laughter, play, and connection.

Multi Functional Stations

Versatile and efficient, our multi-functional stations offer a range of capabilities in one sleek design. Maximise your workout with these all-in-one fitness solutions for a comprehensive and effective training experience.

All Ability Kids Fitness Equipment

Equip kids of all abilities with our fitness equipment, designed for inclusive play. Foster health and happiness through exercise, ensuring every child can thrive and enjoy an active lifestyle.

Mobility Fitness Equipment

Enhance your mobility with our cutting-edge fitness equipment. Elevate your workout experience with gear designed for superior performance. Achieve your fitness goals with precision and style.

Indoor Kids Play Areas

Discover indoor kids' play areas designed for endless fun and adventure. Our safe and vibrant spaces provide an exciting environment where children can play, learn, and create lasting memories.

Auscore Fitness

Committed to health, Beyond the build.

We’re devoted to crafting healthy built environments. Auscore Fitness goes beyond by providing custom training videos, ensuring users optimise our specifically designed equipment and facilities. Our guided workouts accommodate all experience levels, enhancing the health zone experience for everyone.

Frequently asked questions

We have a range of quality products with varied sizes to cater to all different environments. As our products are engineered out of quality materials to suit Australia’s changing climate, you can just about place Auscore Fitness equipment anywhere…Inside and out!

Everyone! Core body strength is the safest way to train for all ages and experience levels. Whether you are a beginner or a professional athlete everyone has the ability to improve their fitness and strength.

Safety is our No.1 priority and we design our products around it! Auscore Fitness equipment complies with Australian standards. In addition, we offer soft fall rubber packages and can provide Site specific compliance testing and reports by our very best Global standards Testing officers who are on the board to some of the world’s best organisations.

Auscore Fitness Guarantee: We are an Australian Company We comply with Australian Standards We use stainless steel or hot dipped galvanised steel We offer 10 years standard purchase warranty for Australian Made stainless steel Products Optional lifetime warranty (conditions apply) Ongoing customer/public support

Our initial consultations are  complimentary. We believe in understanding your needs before discussing any costs.


Our clients reviews

We had Auscore Fitness station in our town for over 6 years or so now, It is made of high quality stainless steel and still looks as new as the day we bought it. It would get used on a daily basis buy all age groups but the most rewarding aspect is the youths under 15 years of age using and developing their skills.

Danny Flanery Hilltops council

The City of Belmont engaged Auscore Fitness on two occasions for the supply of their Advanced Core units for Tomato Lake (2015) and Hardey Park (2016). Both core units were well received by the Community and have proved quite popular.

Amy Usher The City of Belmont

I would not hesitation in recommending Christian and Auscore to anybody as their customer service is amazing and Christian goes out of his way to help in anyway. I couldn't thank Christian and Auscore enough for the great experience in helping us to achieve the outcome we wanted for the students.

Victor Galea Windsor Highschool

The installation of our rig went smoothly and the build quality is excellent. It has been in place for a number of years of outdoor service now and is still in great condition.

Greg Sharland City of Melville